Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Odinsday Update #3

[My current D&D group plays my Beyond Vinland campaign every other Wednesday. On the Wednesdays we don't play, I send them an email about the campaign.]

Your routine bouts of drinking and bragging at the meadhall are interrupted by a guard from the manorhouse of the keep. It seems Sigurd Half-Jotun, the castellan of the keep, has invited you four hardy adventurers to a feast. Previously the castellan regarded lordless sword-slingers like you as something of nuisance, but suddenly you find yourselves wined and dined. Near the conclusion of the feat your bellys are full and your minds softened with alcohol. Only then do you discover the explanation behind the half-giant's sudden change of heart. He needs adventurers.

Toxic fumes bourne on ill winds have been blowing onto the westernmost farms of Beppo's realms and some of the local homesteaders and their livestock have succumbed to strange illnesses. According to the report of a woodcutter, the source of these eerie green fumes lies somewhere in the vast forest to the west of the keep. It becomes clear to you that Sigurd is very nervous about the possibility of his absent Lord returning home to a land where the spring planting did not occur. If you swear by Tyr and Odin to seek out and destroy the source of these deadly fumes in exchange the castellan will grant you each one pick from the armory of his master. See the list below:

The Red Slasher, a +1 longsword of an unknow red metal that is completely immune to rust-based effects
Jotun-Bater, a +1 bastard sword that grants a +2 dodge bonus to AC when attacked by giants
Ghoulfoe, a +1 greatsword that grants its wielder immunity to ghoul paralysis and ghast stench
Olaf's Doom, a +1 battleaxe that grants +4 to confirm a crit, but the wielder takes d6 damage if the crit is confirmed
Elvish Runespear, this +1 shortspear that can store any one spell (currently Faith Healing) like a ring of spell storing
Shield Smasher, a +1 warhammer that destroys the foe's shield (magic shields get a Fort save) when a crit is scored
The Glittering Shield, a +1 heavy steel shield that once per day can be used to Daze Monster as a move action
The Three-Horned Helmet, a steel helmet with triceratops horns, the wearer can use Mirror Image once per day
Or any non-exotic masterwork weapon or armor from the PHB