Thursday, October 19, 2006

a quick question

Not much time to blog today. Work has been STUPID all week.

Does anybody know where I can purchase one of these on this side of the Atlantic? Such a thing would be perfect for organizing player stuff for my Basic/Expert campaign. Players could just leave their charsheets and notes at my house. Everyone would know exactly where all their crap was. Unlike modern incarnations of D&D, there's no need to take sheets home to work on the character. You can't pimp out your build and leveling up is easy as cake.


  1. *gasp* I'm gonna show this to my wife, and she and I both will be all over this thing like something that's all over something else.

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I can say two things about those boxes:

    (1) Two of them hold the contents of my Talisman 2nd Edition set perfectly, including the first expansion set and my homebrew cards. I happily carry Talisman wherever I want to, now, without worrying that the elderly old box will be crushed.
    (2) Target, for $1 each. But I haven't seen them there in a while. They came separately ($1 per individual clamshell box), but they do fit snugly in a standard upright magazine rack (of which I own many - my life depends on them).