Wednesday, October 11, 2006

5 links about gaming blogs

You might have seen me link to these before, but I wanted to throw out some commentary.

Best New Blog: I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow (yes, I'm going to pimp this blog again)- Highest signal-to-noise ratio of any blog I've ever seen, even including the recent Erol Otus/Rugrats post.

Best Blog Not Enough People Are Reading: Neitherworld Stories - Stuart, the author, is an interesting cat. On one hand, he's one of those World of Darkness guys. On the other hand, his insights into d20 are some of the smartest I've seen. I'm serious as cancer when I say that (despite his short credits list) he would make a good pick for a D&D 4th edition design team.

Best Two Blogs I Don't Read Regularly Because the Authors Are So Smart I Don't Always Understand Them: Eliot Wilen and JH Kim's livejournals. Damn, these brainiacs make me feel like a caveman sometimes. But that's okay. Cavemen are cool. They get these neat clubs and hang out in caves and stuff.

Best Guy I Know Who Should Be Blogging: Don McKinney. I've known Don for like 15 years now. Not only is he my personal Traveller guru, he's got a masterful grasp of like a zillion other games. Don's always got several cool projects in the works. I wish the gamers on the net could hear about them. Join the Legion of Bloggers, Don! One of us! One of us!