Friday, October 13, 2006


I was meandering along the information superduperhighway when I stumbled across a comic called Occult Crimes Taskforce. I've never read this comic, but the name struck me as awfully familiar. And then it occurred to me. Occult Crimes Taskforce was the name of a campaign idea I came up with two years ago. I later ran an Savage Worlds-powered OCT game at Winter War in February, 2005. Image Comics is clearly not ripping off this blog for ideas, despite their version of the Occult Crimes Taskforce coming out later than mine. Their OCT is part of the NYPD and stars Rosario Dawson. My OCT was a branch of the Department of Homeland Security and starred a grumpy old FBI agent and a science nerd who happened to be a giant praying mantis from outer space. Still, it's kind of amusing to see my game title on the cover of a comic book.

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