Saturday, October 28, 2006

Comic books! Huzzah!

I'm pretty sure it's been at least ten years since I bought some new comic books. Oh, sure, I've bought trades and graphic novels. I've checked a lot of stuff out of my local library. But today was probably the first day since the mid-nineties that I walked out of a comic book with monthlies in hand. Most of the floppies I've read since then have involved me mooching off of my friend Pat. But today I got my own comic books. I bought Scooby Doo #113 for my daughter and Nextwave: Agents of HATE #9 for myself. Elizabeth hasn't allowed me to read the Scooby book yet, but it looks pretty good on a brief flip-through. Nextwave is simply the best funny book I've ever read. It's loud, violent, and stupid in all the right ways.