Sunday, October 29, 2006

Being right is nice for a change

It's nice to have your armchair opinion confirmed by someone actually knowledgeable on the subject. Case in point: I occasionally blog about what they're doing wrong over at Total Nonstop Action wrestling. Not because I dislike TNA, but because I enjoy their shows. As far back as August I was nitpicking what TNA should be doing with wrestler Bobby Roode to make him into a main event star. Well, a couple of days ago pro-wrestler Lance Storm blogged about TNA and high on his list of complaints is the uneven booking of Roode. As I understand it booking matches for TNA is currently the responsibility of Vince Russo, who has a bit of a reputation for stupid gimmick matches and quickly-forgotten special stipulations. If I recall correctly Mr. Russo was at the helm of WCW when non-wrestling actor David Arquette was made their world heavyweight champion. That one really ought to go down as one of the worst booking decisions of the last decade. Considering that's one of many black marks against Russo, I honestly don't understand why the man is working for TNA right now.

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