Monday, October 04, 2004

Winter War: What to do?

As con season approaches a million ideas going flying through my brain. I feel certain that running World of Synnibarr could be a lot of fun, with the right group of miscreants. Maybe it would be a good Friday night game. Looking back at my old blog, here's what I was think about a few weeks after the last convention:
  • Starmada
  • Carcassonne
  • Call of Cthulhu: Jack the Ripper
  • Star Fleet Battle Manual
  • Illuminati Tournament

Since getting back more heavily into roleplaying (thanks to Sue's D&D game and Dave Hoover's Avatars campaign) I feel less running boardgames, especially larger projects like SFBM or an Illuminati tourney. Carcassonne would probably be a great Friday afternoon warm-up game or Sunday warm-down game. While I still feel a dark urge to run a Jack the Ripper game, but like my Justice League 5000 idea I am stuck on how to plot the damn thing out. Also, it's harder and harder for me to enjoy dealing with the minutae of the CoC system. Maybe I should find a loosier and goosier system, or even something narritivist from the indie scene. Or maybe I should stick to CoC but run a non-mythos adventure with it. That makes the game less hackneyed, but doesn't solve my plotting issue. My wife has suggested that I should run DinoWARS! again, which certainly makes for a fun little Saturday morning jaunt. Although my indie games generally only went about 2 hours each, I think Wuthering Heights would be worth repeating, especially if we did two storylines. So here's my best guess as to what I could maybe do. Tomorrow's list might be totally different:

Friday Afternoon: Carcassonne?
Friday Evening: World of Synnibarr
Saturday Morning: DinoWARS!
Saturday Afternoon:
Saturday Evening: Call of Cthulhu?
Sunday Morning: Carcassonne?
Sunday Afternoon:

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