Saturday, October 16, 2004

Looks Like A Good Week For Gaming

Tomorrow my sister is coming over to eat some chili and play some Carcassonne. I'm hoping to get my buddy Pat for a third player; he's usually free on Sunday afternoons. If he can join us, I'd also like to play a game of Nuke the Crap Out of Europe, as I printed out all the docs and maps yesterday. Tomorrow night is the regular Monday night boardgaming group. Jim and I are hoping to get the rest of the gang to play El Grande with the expansions, and maybe I'll get these guys to play Nuke the Crap as well. I'll probably make a fool out of myself if we do play Nuke, as they are all much more geographically minded than I, being grognards and all. Except maybe Carl. I'm not sure if he's a board wargamer or not. He seems to be into the collectible card games. Not that the two are mutually exclusive, mind you. Wednesday night ought to be the last or next to last session of my Mob War mini-campaign. Al Tolino's New York connection will be showing the O'Connor Gang how they do things in the Big Apple. Nothing personal. Just business.

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