Sunday, October 24, 2004

More Synnibarr

Apparently, Raven C.S. MaCracken had announced a forthcoming fourth edition of World of Synnibarr. 4th Edition?!? The book I own says it's the second edition. There's a more recent version? I had no clue.

I'm thinking about putting together a little Synnibarr webpage. If nothing else, I would like to publish an index to all the links I have to other people's Synnibarr pages. And maybe add some stuff to help make character creation easier. Sorta like the The Sexy Naked Gamer Chick's Guide, but with less snark and some helpful charts. Something I can hand out to my Winter War players.

I finally read 'Bio Star 1', the WoS adventure I tracked down in an old gaming magazine. Although it has some good points and introduces a fairly interesting new race, I don't think it will work for my Winter War run. It's just not gonzo enough. I need to be able to showcase the Synnibarr setting in all its over-the-top glory. Still, I'd use 'Bio Star 1' in a campaign, were I to find a group daring enough to play WoS on an ongoing basis.

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