Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Toys from Uncle Jed!

I got in my Uncle Jed order yesterday, consisting of Tribes from Steve Jackson Games and S.P. Fannon's The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible, which appears to be the most recent general guide to RPGs that has been published. Mr. Fannon was unknown to me prior to my interest in this work, but according to Pen & Paper he has credits for Champions, Mage, and Shatterzone. I don't really know anything about West End's Shatterzone line. I guess I always mentally lumped it in with games like Battlelords of the 23rd Century or SLA Industries or Living Steel as being full of guns and stuff to shoot with guns. Nothing wrong with gunbunnying, but swords and spells have always been more my bag. I should probably look into all those games a bit more deeply. I've heard it said that Living Steel's setting would be wilding popular if it wasn't married to its Phoenix Command-lite system. And SLA Industries is supposed to have some sort of deep deconstructive theme hidden under the uberviolence in a less overt way than, say, Undergound. Battlelords is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as World of Synnibarr, so it is definitely worth a little look-through. But Shatterzone I don't know jack about. Maybe I con find some reviews on line for some of this stuff.

One other thing about my Uncle Jed order, the good Uncle saw fit to throw in a freebie, a Creepy Freaks figure. Creepy Freaks is the Garbage Pail Kids (anyone else remember those?) of the clicky set. I don't do clickies but one of the figures is a brain in a jar, so they can't be all bad. My figure is a snowman made of snot.

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