Monday, October 11, 2004

Monopoly & Politics Don't Mix

Yesterday I took my family over to my folks house for a visit. Grandpa and Grandma were missing their little granddaughter. My sister was there with her son as well. Out of the blue my mom decides that she wants to play a game, so we break out the old Monopoly set and all the adults join in. Dad ended up dropping out early to go play with the grandkids, wth Mom eventually scoring a decisive win by putting together the first monopoly on the board. During the course of the game the idle chitchat turned to politics. Turns out my sister, the single mom working to make ends meet, seems to be under the impression that she stands a better chance of making it through the next four years with Mr. Bush in charge. WTF? And my mother is one of those strange beasts, the Undecided Voter. Considering how polarized this party has become, I just plain don't understand how someone could be undecided this close to this election.

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