Friday, October 28, 2011

a Caves of Myrddin public service announcement


Blixa the Adventurer offers a 5,000gp reward for the heads of Lenny and Squiggy, wandering vampires of the Dungeons of Dundagel.  These brutes are accused of murdering Blixa's war-poodle Gleichman, beloved NPC visitor to no less than four campaign worlds.  The above likeness comes from the hand of Hugo the Bastard, one of the eye witnesses to this foul act of canicide.


  1. I must get in on the constantcon action. I could use 5,000 GP!

    This sort of thing is a nifty feature of gaming on the web! :)

  2. Sons of bloodless mongrels! How dare they kill Gleichman! Let me gather a team and I shall slay these blood sucking demons and avenge Gleichman's death. At the Severed Head Inn there a people who would gladly take on this quest. Let us accept this challenge and you shall have two very dead vampires at your feet. They shall be deader than dead.

    (great wanted poster, by the way).

  3. Not Gleichman! He was my hero!

    If there's any way Abbador can get in on the vengeance (and reward; he's not stupid...), let me know.

  4. Xawatlem is also eager to be a part of the Vengeance for Gleichman mission. Damn poodle saved his ass on 3 different worlds.

  5. Never met the poodle, but that's some good money there. I'll be looking for L&S if I get a chance.

  6. Gleichman! No! That dog saved my hash a number of times... Damn!