Sunday, October 16, 2011

let's help out Daniel

Daniel Dean asks "Are there any blogs or resources you're aware of that swing on the whole more towards jet-age-to-cyberpunk than they do sword and shield with optional sorcery?"

Personally, my blogroll covers mostly D&D fantasy with a few excellent post-apocalyptic and space operatic outfits.  Can anybody else recommend some neat places for Dean to check out?


  1. I'm not much of a cyberpunk player -- Shadowrun was my mirrorshades game of choice back in the day -- but Data Fortress is heaving with content and may be a good place to start.

  2. I used to do quite a bit of cyberpunk stuff on my blog but I've sort of fallen away from that. Was doing an article two times a month called Cyberpunk Sunday in which I looked at new and emerging technologies that were coming out (along with social movements) and leading us into the cyberpunk age.

    But the real world raised up and kicked me in the face for a while and I had to drop everything I was doing.

  3. He definitely needs to hit up

    Maybe give Errant by Greg Christopher a try as well.

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I've got some modern Cthulu Mythos stuff going on, and also a basic survival horror for modern era (extrapolating towards sci-fi too).

    "People vs. Creatures" has a setting, "Death Shines on the Fornia Moon" designed to handle survival horror like Aliens, Predator, Pitch Black, Tremors, etc.

    This tab has the goods.

  5. Another to check out for futuristic RPGS is paranoia, its a comedy dysotopia system where a 1984 society bumbles under to eye of THE COMPUTER

  6. The flavor of the day is Eclipse Phase, released under a CC license. The pdf version is easy to locate online especially on torrent sites (they tend to upload the new releases themselves first).

    Here is their wiki entry:

    Transhumanism is the new phrase but it is the evolution of cyberpunk.

    I compiled a Wikipedia book on Transhumanism for reference. Be warned the download is 75 meg, unpacked it is 107 meg in size and runs 2560 pages.

    It can be downloaded here:

    NOTE: the file is a 7zip so be certain to have the free archive software installed to unpack it.

    RPG.NET has a thread of inspirational art:

    tons of art to set the mood.

    There is also a magazine devoted to Transhumanism online (look for the back issue link at the bottom to the pdfs)

    I was having trouble accessing their website but I've been having internet issues all day so it's probably on my end.

    Hope that helps.

  7. There's a lot of classic cyberpunk stuff at Rust Never Sleeps and Mockery's CP 2020 Page