Wednesday, March 23, 2011

today's challenge to all Gameblog readers

  1. Find a post at some old school message board or blog (doesn't have to be mine) that contains some really fun, useful or just kick-ass house rules or advice material.
  2. Copy the link and add it to the OSR Links to Wisdom wikipage.   
It's pretty dang easy to do, so dig up those bookmarks and share!

I added an advice piece from Mr. Raggi that I have long cherished.  It took me like 10 seconds to do it.  All I did was hit the 'Edit this Page' link at the bottom and followed the super-simple formatting as demonstrated by the other links already on the page.


  1. Good grief.. what a gem!

    That certainly beats me creating a blog post full of links to other blog posts for my own reference.. (as I did earlier today).

    Are you psychic? :)

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Unless I misunderstand the submission guidelines on the page, doesn't it have to be your own article or one you own the rights to?

  3. We're not supposed to self promote, are we?

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I added this link:

    Not only does the post contain links to some excellent songs, it also opened my eyes to the possibilities of using music during a game session.

  5. Ok, I posted one about potatoes and another about XP for fighting.

    Nice resource.

  6. Aos, Herbe - post whatever you think people might find useful.

  7. I was fretting today about how necessary this resource is and how little time I would have to actually maintain it. Great news!

  8. What an awesome list of links. Very useful/edifying/entertaining even to those of us who aren't OSR types and find the OSR puzzling :)

  9. I added my favorite bit o' DMing Wisdom from a certain Mr. Rients:

    How to Awesome up your Players

  10. Does anyone happen to know if there's a science fiction RPG equivalent of this wiki?