Friday, September 11, 2009

without further ado

Optional Random Mutant Plant Stock Chart (d100)

01-03) Algae
06-08) Apple Tree
09-11) Avocado
12-14) Banana
15-17) Bamboo
18-20) Bean
21-23) Blueberry Bush
24-26) Cactus
27-29) Cedar
30-32) Coconut Tree
33-35) Corn
36-38) Daisy
39-41) Dandelion
42-44) Fern
45-47) Hemp
48-50) Ivy
51-53) Kelp
54-56) Kudzu
57-59) Moss
60-62) Mushroom
63-65) Oak Tree
66-68) Orchid
69-71) Palm Tree
72-74) Pineapple
75-77) Pine Tree
78-80) Pumpkin
81-83) Rose
84-86) Thistle
87-89) Tomato, Killer
90-92) Tumbleweed
93-95) Venus Flytrap
96-98) Wheeping Willow
99-00) My god! What is that thing?! (Roll again here and once on animal chart, combine results.)

[Can you tell it's getting close to lunchtime for me?]


  1. Hempkin-head, spewing intoxicating and nightmare inducing smoke from its Jack-o-Lantern head!


  2. The concept of a Kudzu mutant frightens me.

  3. Would it be bad form to point out that Algae and Mushrooms aren't plants, and Tumbleweeds are just the dead bodies of a number of unrelated plants?

  4. Not so much 'bad form' as just 'missing the point a bit,' I suspect, cappadocious ;)

    And by 'a bit,' I euphemize.

  5. My only complaint is that there's no result (on both tables) that says "combine one roll on the animal table with one roll on the plant table." I think that should be double-nuts for both charts.

    Otherwise I have no chance of playing a pumpkindog, weaselfern or beetlebean.

    God, now I'm craving beetlebeans. Again.

  6. 99-00: because cross-breeding two plants is so...ordinary!

  7. P.S. even though it's not on the animal list, I'm totally writing up a Banana Panther!

  8. Huzzah for random charts that use 99-100 to kick it up a notch, rather than just dumb ol' "DM Choice"

    In other words, a Bananther?

  9. Plus, I just recently found out yesterday that bananas are supposed to be radioactive, which just makes the Banather just that much cooler.

    A banana panther that glows in the dark? NOW you're talking my language.

  10. Red Cardinal4:05 AM

    No Triffid?

    Surely some mistake! :)

  11. Its true that animal/plant hybrids would fit the world of Mutant Future, though I can't quite recall any such creatures in the, um, original source material. Plants were always treated as seperate.

    Still, it would go along way toward explaining some members of the most bizarre mutant aberrations of nature ever conceived of...Pokemon.

    @Timeshadows...A new and very twisted take on the classic Pumpkin Headed Scarecrow Monster. I like it!

    @S. John Ross...leeave it to the ever amazing S. John Ross to conceive of creatures simultaneously frightening and delicious. Weaselfern definitely inspires my Pokemon reference. Beetlebeans seem like something Muppet related no?

    @Jay...Funny that you were thinking Banana Panther. I immediately thought of Hand Banana (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

  12. Most awesome. These will definitely be used in the one-shot Mutant Future arena game I'm going to run at Draconis in October. Extremely good timing!

    Word Verification: bingbnat, a cross between a bat and a cherry tree.

  13. And of course, my post was in error; there's not NO chance of playing a weaselfern, there's just half the chance there would be in a more S.Johnocentric universe :)

    (but it's usually best if I don't get everything I want, or at least people keep telling me so)

  14. @Big, possibly, though as 2 words it retains a certain je ne sais quoi charm.

    @Biff, I shudder at the thought of an illustration of said poor creature, but yes, that is a must.

    @Alien, I didn't immediately know of which you spoke, but thanks for making me regret my subsequent google image search! (It's even worse when you reverse 'banana' and 'hand'.)

  15. @ Jay
    Then you should *really* watch out for the Banana Fana Fo Fanther!

    This all puts me in the mind of Biollante! 1/2 Rosebush, 1/2 Godzilla, and 1/2 Japanese Botantist's Psychic Daughter. Lookout!