Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a place for some adventures

In case you haven't heard, the newest issue of Fight On! is out. Issue #6 has a lot of great stuff in it, but (egomaniac that I am) I'm particularly jazzed about my own Mutant Future contribution, "Welcome to Slimy Lake". It's a teeny sandbox setting for gonzo post-apoc adventuring. Even if you don't play MF, I think the stats are handled lightly enough you could get some play out of it with another system.

Christian de la Rosa did the map for me. The one inside the issue is black-&-white, but check out this color version.

The illos for the article really kick a lot of ass, too.

Get your own copy here.


  1. Just the area names are evocative in the insane and absurdist way gamma futures do so well...

  2. I mean, "Wiggly Prairie"? Forest of Eyes?! That don't make any PSH from the past shriek "It's a MADHOUSE!" I don't know what will.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Love it, teeny area but enough variation of terrain. Itching to run it using Mutant Scavengers.

  4. AAhh! Please label such things as NSFM (not safe for mutants) so that those of us who are exploring the map don't know what it is ahead of time!!!

    Player's note: I don't know what's all on the map, but the bits I've explored have been great!

  5. Don't worry, Dane. There's plenty o' surprises NOT marked on the map.

  6. I see my favorite Facebook application, Farm Town, featured prominently!