Wednesday, September 02, 2009

just perfect

Found here.


  1. Awesome. Makes me miss my ex though. Great, now I'm sad...

  2. LOL@ rustmonster getting kicked by half-naked knight. Getting a closed-face helm to convey rage, frustration and upset with four simple lines is quite something.

  3. Aw, geez, BA. Sorry to bring you down. :(

  4. *cackling*

    Lovely --!

  5. These are from the "Knockspell: Art of the Old School" book that Matt put out as a bonus product back in the Spring when they were doing their big push on Lulu back in the spring.

  6. I think that is Aleena on the left and Morgan Ironwolf on the right ;-)
    Verification word "shibby" from Urban Dictionary - Shibby is also a term for attractiveness, and as a rating.
    Eg - "Shibby!"
    "Not shibby... :( "

    If someone is hot, they are shibby

  7. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Oh god, "shibby"! I haven't seen that word since... well, since I stopped reading Boy Meets Boy.

    ...I got the word "impyries" which sounds like flaming imps to me. Possibly dressed as Valkyrijar. Possibly I need sleep.

  8. Just part anyway. Its all good. Lots of great memories. The beat goes on...

  9. MAN I must have been tired when I wrote my last comment. Why was I obsessed with spring?! Anyway, what I left out was that Matt had included the book as a limited-time-only bonus item. I hope he does another because it was chock full of great art!

  10. Oh, I don't know. Checking out some cosplay sites, I don't think scantily clad action babes appeal solely to men. I think there are plenty of women that dream of being scantly clad action babes.

    As far as that goes, men too. Conan was hardly known for wearing a burka, after all.

  11. My main complaint is that the scantily-clad babe is undermining her sexiness by flipping her hair and prancing :/

    The fully-armored chick has a more challenging pose, and is thus hotter.

    But I LIKE scantily clad, I ...