Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gimme five links, gimme five links mister.

Lollyphile - not a lolita fetish site, but rather weird gourmet lollipops.

New Spells for Megadungeoneering

Chaos 6010 A.D. - it warms my heart that people are still making RPGs like this.

Fill-in-the-Blank Manifesto - Anyone want to tackle this for the Old School Renaissance?

Draw Your Way Across A Cliff


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  2. I linked directly to it, dude.

  3. Chaos 6010 AD looks entertaining, but I'm not gonna spend $35 to buy it pretty much sight unseen. It kinda has the feel of a totally DIY free RPG, but then they're charging you Mongoose prices for it. Gimme a "lite" version at least so I can get a handle on it. I looked over the (six page?) character sheet, and while it's pretty comprehensive, without an understanding of the rules, it's kinda mind-boggling.

    I also just now took a look at their gallery - some neat art, someone's put a lot of effort into this game, but again - give me a "lite" version, and I'll tell you whether or not it's worth a $35 check in the mail.

    Still, all in all, a pretty damn impressive effort. Have these guys done anything else RPG wise?

  4. Oh, and I'll say it one more time for the future web developers at home...

    1. Websites look better in sans serif fonts.

    2. Do NOT use blue text (especially hyperlinks) on a black background. You can change those default colors - please do so!

    3. There's an odd combination of pages utilizing the navigation menu along the left hand side, and pages that just use hyperlinks somewhere in the page. If you're going to have a "professional RPG website", make it professional and standardize on one layout format for every web page in your site.

    Here endeth the quibbling.