Tuesday, July 07, 2009

here, have some bullet points

  • Howdy, folks! I haven't been on the internets much for almost a week now and when I have it's been to access Google documents. Since misplacing a flash drive for a few days I've decided to switch to a non-localized set-up for my word processing. I've been trying to put the last finishing touches on the Mutant Future sandbox article for the next issue of Fight On! The deadline for submissions has come and gone, but the editor is kindly allowing me a little extra time to finish up. This baby will be my single longest contribution to Fight On! to date, but I'm trying real hard not to overdo it. Paul Crabaugh is my role model for what a good game article should look like: no longer than necessary and immediately useful.

  • Local Item #1: Speaking of Mutant Future, I started a new MF campaign last week. We'll be playing at the Armored Gopher every other Wednesday; next session is next week. Anybody who wants to come sling post-apocalyptic dice for an evening is welcome. So far we have a badass ubermenschian Pure Human (Wheelz rolled his character in front of me and got a 12 as his lowest stat), an anthropomorphic deer that can see the future and a guy that looks like the Silver Surfer who can disintegrate you with the power of his mind. We played out a slight variation of the sample adventure in the book: rather than outsiders hired to find the lost water shipment, the PCs were locals trying to save their town from drying up. Next session I'm parachuting them onto my sandbox.

  • Local Item #2: Some nut came into the Armored Gopher and traded in a bunch of RPG stuff for some Magic cards. If you dig on Palladium products, there was a bigass shelf of the stuff in the used section. I nabbed the always-fun Compendium of Weapons, Armor & Castles and the Rifts Conversion Book. I also got the BECMI D&D supplement Creature Catalog, which is basically the Fiend Folio of non-Advanced D&D though not quite as weird or British. And I talked newly minted DM Dane into getting the unknown nut's Fiend Folio for use in his brand new 2nd edition AD&D campaign. Huzzah!

  • In case you haven't heard HackMaster Basic is out, though my copy hasn't quite made it through the distribution system to my local retailer. Reviews can be found here, here, here and here. That last one was written by Mark Hughes, who I'm pretty sure is both smarter and crazier than I am. His anti-AD&D screed is a classic.

  • A bunch of new gaming goodness has popped up on the radar while I was away: Mike Davison's Ruins & Ronins in both PDF and print, David 'grubman' Bezio's lastest deal, a neo-retro sci-fi game called X-Plorers, is available in a free playtest edition, and James 'the Comissioner of Gaming' Mishler has a bunch of new PDF stuff from Adventure Games Publishing. I haven't had a chance to check all of this stuff out yet but it's all coming from great people chock full of awesome ideas.

  • Lulu sales of the Miscellaneum of Cinder, counting both print and PDF versions, have now surpassed 100 copies. That's literally an order of magnitude greater than I assumed I would sell, so big thanks to everyone who bought a copy!


  1. Settembrini11:37 AM

    Do you still have copies of the special edition? Lulu Europe can´t be trusted to print these days, so I´d like to come back to your exchange offer.

  2. All the Extra Special Edition copies still in my possession are spoken for. Would putting the book on Amazon's createspace help at all? If not, I could send you my lulu copy and buy another with my next lulu shipment.

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  4. Well seeing that I'm enjoying my copy of the Miscellaneum... I have to say thank you for the effort you put into getting it all out for us sir!

  5. Congrats on the sales. I'm personally not surprised as I always enjoy reading your game ideas.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next...

    Barking Alien

  6. From that last review you cited, pure, golden truth:

    If you produce short little gamelets, like I'm wont to do, an index is irrelevant. If you're making a 64-page book, an index starts looking useful. At 192 badly-organized pages, the lack of an index is just a giant "FUCK YOU" sign to the reader.

    I never understand how this happens. While it's true that a computer can't make a (useful) index for you (it really totally cannot), a computer makes it SO. FREAKING. EASY. to make one if you just sit down for a day or two with some multicolored highlighters and a printout, mark the sucker up, go back to Quark or InDesign or whatever, open up the little Index tab/window, and GET THE JOB DONE.

    I cannot stand the laziness that's out there sometimes.

  7. The sad thing is that Kenzer has already released an index as a PDF in response to complaints. So they clearly had the wherewithal to do it and they simply chose not to. Bafflingly dumb.

  8. Settembrini12:34 PM

    Okay, Melan just said he gave Lulu a last chance. if he gets his stuff, I´ll try again. Now that I know I get my money back, if something goes wrong, I´m getting cocky...

  9. Picked up the PDF of Miscellaneum today, great stuff!