Thursday, July 23, 2009

tiled, this is my new desktop image

I am seriously considering shooting an email to the dude who whipped up these custom Micronauts/Star Wars mash-up figures and making the guy an offer. That IG-88 is rad to the max.


  1. Dude...I think I have enough "time traveler" micronaughts somewhere (of the same colors!) that I could do this, too. Well...maybe not "walrusman" (my fourth time traveler was orange; I could probably rig him up with the a "snaggletooth" head, though).

    Wow...what a blast from the past...

  2. AWESOME! I literally yelled that out really loud just now. My wife is looking at me like I'm a freak. These mash-ups are too sweet!

  3. Brilliant - well, that's what I initially thought. Then it dawned on me that to do this the creator had to cannibalize four time traveler figures. Oh, the horror!

  4. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I love the Micronauts. They were my favorite toy as a child.

  5. I read the Micronauts comic book (Mike Golden art!) before I found out that it was based on a toy line.

    The contents of the book didn't suggest that kind of connection. There were some pretty nasty things going on, like very bloody war, genocide, beheadings of traitors...

  6. Finally, someone figured out something to do with all those Time Traveler figures! I must have had a dozen of those - my family had some sort of mental block about picking up any of the other figures for me.

    Imagine the stress on my poor 10 year old brain as I open time traveler after time traveler on christmas morning. "Mom, I wanted Acroyear!" :)

  7. Those are sweet! And they look so natural--why didn't Hasbro/Kenner think of it before?!!

  8. @ Al: I am so sorry (as I'm laughing)...I feel your pain, as I suffered through the occasional Christmas like this as well.

    At least our parents tried, man!
    ; )

    verification: hapitale
    "an adventure where everyone makes it back alive"

  9. That is so wrong.
    --Profaning those Micronauts that way.

    Shame on you. :p

  10. Micronauts were the inspiration for a Mutant Future robot I just finished for FO6. Japan may sink, but the androids will live on...