Tuesday, July 28, 2009

two brief items

Thanks for all the responses yesterday! Looks like there's a roughly 3 to 2 preference for Japan over cavemen, at least if you count "do both, but Japan first" in the former category. So Book of Choshu is a go. The cavepeople idea may work as a future article for FightOn! or maybe Knockspell instead of a booklet.

The always-awesome Zachary Houghton of RPG Blog II is kicking around the idea of a quarterly fanzine adopting the FightOn! format to science fiction gaming. This is a Good Thing. I'm not sure if I have anything to contribute to such a project, but I'm definitely interested as an end user.


  1. That sounds great Jeff. If you need any help with anything, let me know!

  2. Jeff, a scifi mag like Fight On? You wouldn't have anything to contribute? Not even EC content?

  3. Since my idea of EC centers on dungeon exploration with laser beams, I'm not sure if a sci-fi mag would be a good venue for my stuff.

  4. Well, I think there's a definite place for Sword-and-Planet, Jeff. There'd need to be features on system-generic worlds, reviews of old Traveller products, all sorts of things. If the muse hits you, who knows? Ultimately, I guess we'll have to see what the interest is. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

    And yeah, EC content would be awesome.

  5. So does that mean we may see some neo-classical/old school/retro-clone space adventure games in the near future? I'd be all over that and any magazine that covered them.

    I was a sci-fi/comic book fan who found D&D in '77 and once I found space and superhero games in the early 80's I rarely looked back.

    Barking Alien

  6. Well, I think there's a definite place for Sword-and-Planet, Jeff.

    Exactly! When I took the survey I added that under "other". It was the only genre not represented.

    I encourage anyone else interested in taking the survey to write in the same!

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    That is great, but don't forget about those cavemen.

    There are lots of good games about samurai, but the hungry prehistoric gamer market is going underserved!

  8. Well, I don't think Fight On! or Knockspell are going to be publishing any EC content, even if it is dungeons with lazors, so I would like to see your stuff published somewhere.