Thursday, May 21, 2009

Help me help Dane

Last night was a pretty goofy time in the World of Cinder, but that post will have to wait. As I was leaving the Armored Gopher I bumped into a fellow named Dane. He was looking for advice on starting a new 2nd edition AD&D campaign. He's never DM'ed before and most of his player pool has never played before. I gave Dane as much general advice as I could cram into the twenty minutes or so we talked, mostly focussing on getting his players to interact with the imaginative environment first and the rules second.

One question I felt underqualified helping Dane with was the selection of a starting module. He'd really like the assistance a good intro module gives a first-time DM, but I don't know much about the range of available 2nd edition adventures. I could lend Dane my Keep on the Borderlands and/or Village of Hommlet, but I thought I'd first ask all you nice Gameblog readers for advice. Is there a good starting adventure made specifically for 2nd edition? Better yet, is there one somewhere on the internet? I don't want to send an enthusiastic newbie off to eBay to scour for old stuff if there are handier options available.