Friday, May 08, 2009

publishing outlets

At least a few of the Old School Renaissance publishers have been known to stop by the ol' Gameblog from time to time and I was hoping some of them would be interested in discussing this situation.

Exhibit 1, the Old School Renaissance publishers list:

Brave Halfling Publishing
Chris Gonnerman's Basic Fantasy RPG
Elf Lair Games
Expeditious Retreat Press
Fight On! Magazine
Geoffrey McKinney's CARCOSA
Goblinoid Games
Mythmere Games
Open Game Table
Otisville Productions
Prime Requisite Games
Randall Stukey's Microlite74
The Warlock's Home Brew
Ye Old RPG Items
The ZeFRS Collective
Zodiac Gods Publishing

Exhibits 2a, 2b, and 2c, the YourGamesNow publishers:

Not everyone on the OSR list sells through YourGamesNow. My off-the-cuff thinking is that everybody in OSR who sells pdf products should try be trying to get listed with YourGamesNow. I can't think of any advantage gained by letting Lulu serve as your sole PDF vendor and YGN's co-op structure seems like a good fit with the general tone of the OSR scene.

So, do any of the folks on the first list have a reason for not wanting to deal with YourGamesNow? I can see not being interested if, like Carcosa and Fight On!, the publisher has a preference for print sales. Any other factors I'm not considering?

And to the Gameblog readers in general, would it make a difference if a PDF you wanted was listed at one or the other of these options?