Sunday, May 17, 2009

irons in the fire

I'd like to offer a big thanks to everyone who has purchased my silly little book. I had a great time making it and the meager income from the sales so far almost covers the cost of my own next order. Right now I'm eyeing three shiny new items from Matt Finch/Mythmere Games: The Spire of Iron and Crystal, Knockspell #2, and the Eldritch Wizardry Compilation. When Swords & Wizardry first came out I wasn't as enthused about it as Labyrinth Lord, but S&W is slowly winning me over with its awesome support material.

Anyway, today I wanted to list off some of my other projects I've been kicking around.
  • A small numbered hexmappy sandbox for Mutant Future, that I plan to submit for a future issue of Fight On! The hardest part is a map that I can live with.
  • Conversion/adaptation notes for using stuff from Tom Moldvay's Lords of Creation in Encounter Critical, as suggested by Mike David Jr. This would go into the files section of the EC yahoo group.
  • A Holmes Basic D&D adventure based upon the works of Tom Wham. This would be run at the next Winter War, then posted as a free PDF.
  • A non-Vanthian outerspace adventure thingy for Encounter Critical based upon a "planet of the week" format. Either run as a mini-campaign for the Lords of Awesome players or a similar group, as a Winter War outing, or both. Then posted on the internets.
  • Issue #2 of phasic, my one-man two-page Encounter Critical fanzine. Another free download in the EC yahoo group file section. This one is maybe 50% written at this point.
  • Tackling my Saikaido ideas as a mini-gazetteer series for Mike Davison's Ruins & Ronin.
  • For over a year I've been kicking around ideas for an article on mystic tomes in the Wilderlands, with the idea of selling it to James Mishler's Adventure Games Publishing. I don't have any real desire to be a freelancer, but he seems to be the best outlet for such a project. And James is cool.

Crap on a stick! I didn't realize that list was so long until I typed it all up.