Thursday, May 14, 2009

you need more game stuff

Retro Stupid Productions proudly announces...

The Miscellaneum of Cinder

A 36-page booklet of vaguely useful dice charts for games involving mythic underworlds and legendary fire-breathing lizards. Words by me, interior illos by my buddy Pat.

Print-on-Demand and PDF download editions for sale at the Old School Renaissance lulu storefront for $5.50 (plus shipping & mishandling) and $1.00 respectively. While you're at lulu don't forget to check out other cool stuff at places like Cumberland Games & Diversions and Flying Mice.

Limited print run Extra Special Edition available directly from me for trade only. Email me at with the title "trade for book". Of course you can offer anything you want in trade but I'm primarily interested in your own homemade game stuff. This is not an auction or a game of wheeler-dealer, make your awesomest offer up front. If I accept your offer you ship your item to me at your expense and I send you a copy of the Extra Special Edition at my expense. I'm not going to screw around a long time with the Extra Special Edition, so please hop on this right away if you're interested.