Monday, August 21, 2006

Prisoners & Cage Matches

One of the ways I kept my daughter and her cousin amused last week was by a trip to the local library. They have several computers set up with kiddy games loaded on them and a nice play area, so I the trip was useful even though neither of them could slow down long enough to look at a book. As we walked/ran past the adult section of the library my eye caught something colorful in the DVD department. Turns out they have copies of the cult British TV series The Prisoner. I love this show, even though over the years I've only seen one entire episode and snippets of others. For a long time I've wanted to run a Prisoner-flavored game, probably a one shot at a convention using the GURPS The Prisoner sourcebook for inspiration and FUDGE for the actual rules. Now that I have easy access to at least some of the episodes I feel much closer to that goal. Attendees to next year's Winter War can expect to see this event on the pre-reg schedule.

My nephew Cameron spent a large part of his visit playing our X-box and using ever social skill in his limited repetoire to pulle me away from whatever I was doing in order to join him. His visit would have been a lot less work had he and Elizabeth agreed to play the X-box (or anything else) together but I will say this: playing a whole bunch of Legends of Wrestling II with him did a lot to renew my interest in the title. I'm even exploring the "make your own wrestler" section of the game now. When I first bought Legends II the chargen interface looked like way too much work for a stupid wrestling game. I even discovered they have some nifty masks for characters to wear, include a skull mask suitable for re-creating my old e-fed character Kid Skull. And I must admit I am attracted to the idea of whipping up a grappler with a shaved head and a reddish goatee. It's vain, I know, but why should I pass up the opportunity to pull a Walter Mitty?