Thursday, August 31, 2006

Local item: MetaCon Fall 06

The MetaGamers, the University of Illinois gaming club, has scheduled another of their one day mini-cons. This time MetaCon will be Saturday, September 9th at the Foreign Languages Building. For further information check out this message board. I really got to get to one of these things, if only to scope out what all the kids are up to, game-wise. Thought I must admit that I'm half afraid that in the presence of all the college students I feel look like an oldster desparately attempting to be hip by hanging out with a younger set. I mean, I just called them 'kids' in this post. I'm not exactly over the hill here, but there is bit of a gulf between this adult-with-a-day-job hobbyist and the rampant college geeks, even though I used to be one of the latter. You like how I can take a simple public service announcement and make it all about me? Am I being neurotic or egomaniacal? Maybe both.