Thursday, August 03, 2006

A No-Brainer

I haven't been following it, but this year's Big Event from Marvel Comics is a little number called Civil War. The basic premise, as I've gathered online, is a rift between two groups of superheroes. One side favors government oversight and regulation of superhero activity and the other prefers the normal wild west state of affairs. In order to play to the tension of the event, fans are taking sides. I've seen banners on websites in support of the leader of one or the other faction. It seems you have the choice between:

This is the greatest comic book cover in the entire history of forever.

Captain America: The guy who has been punching Nazis non-stop for 6 friggin' decades.


I hear he and Dick Cheney go hunting together sometimes.

Iron Man: Rich playboy/washed-up drunk.

Is that really supposed to be a tough choice? Can anybody explain to me why Spider-Man and Thor are apparently siding with Tony Stark over Cap? Why does Thor care about the politics of mere mortals at all?

I suppose if Cap where on the side of oppressive government sanctions against supers and Iron Man was for vigilante action, you might be able to make a case for siding with Shellhead. That might be an interesting scenario. But Captain America is on the side of unauthorized badguy punching and Tony Stark is for NSA wiretaps.

As the man himself would say: 'Nuff said.