Thursday, August 10, 2006


I use free service StatCounter to see whether people are reading this blog or not. Turns out I get about a hundred visitors a day. Howdy! One of my favorite features of the StatCounter report is the 'Came From' page, which gives me links to the page people were at when they surfed over to here. I get hits from the oddest places sometimes. Almost everyday I get a hit or two from people looking for a picture that I linked to once many moons ago. (The Evil DM said he wanted more T-n-A in this blog. There ya go, man!) And the link from the Wikipedia entry on Wraeththu gets me a steady trickle of visitors. Come for the flower penises, stay for the grown man blogging about 30-sided dice! Yesterday I learned that my piece on the art of David Deitrick is the first item that google kicks back if you search for the words "alien encounter shrine". That's pretty cool and utterly silly. Hopefully whoever was looking for that shrine eventually found it. I also discovered recently that I'm listed among the gaming links of an intense looking Finnish dude named Sampo. I very much like the spartan layout of that guy's website.