Monday, November 22, 2004

Turn and face the strange...

Ch-ch-ch-changes! As of today I am altering my level of commitment to this here blog. I've been doing pretty well staying on target at approximately 1 post per day. But the Shared Lobotomy project is heating up. I've got a ten thousand word assigment for our first product. And Winter War looms over the horizon to boot. My new plan is to blog, at minimum, every Monday. I'll report on the progress I have made on the game projects I am working on.

There's a new d20 fantasy rpg coming out from Green Ronin called Blue Rose. It bills itself as "romantic fantasy". As far as I can tell, that means that not every problem in life can be solved by swording orcs. Seriously though, it looks like a fresh new take on table-top fantasy role-playing and has just a hint of the things that I loved about the old computer games Ultima IV and Below the Root. I've downloaded the Fast Play rules. This document comes with a little one-shot intro scenario and 4 sample PCs. I think I'm going to try running it. I've got some RPGnet people in mind and have sent out an email to get the ball rolling. The RPGnet folks account for three of four seats. I think Dave Hoover might be a good fit for the last spot.

This will be the first rpg project in Grodd knows how long that I don't plan on including Pat in, which feels very weird. I hope he doesn't feel too put out by my decision to put together this one-shot without him. I don't think the material suits him at all: Too much hippy dippy New Age stuff and not enough bloods and souls for Arioch.


  1. Hippies and Priests for the Lich King! Seriously, Old son, it don't hurt my feelings. I'm actually thankful, because following your link led me to The Black Company d20 setting (/kickass), and Sidewinder:Recoiled, a reworking of their western setting for d20Mod, so magic Gunslingers in Black vs Psychic Injun Manticore Riders/Apache Chaingunners are gooo!

  2. Okay,

    What exactly might I be a good fit for, besides a straitjacket? ;)