Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Are the Champions, My Friend

Well, I finally got some good wins against the Monday night boardgame group, and I only had to bring my own game from home to do it. Last night Bruce, Al, and I played two rounds of Carcassonne. I won the first game and absolutely crushinated them on the second one. I got some good tile pulls, but my play was pretty darn good, too. As Tiger Woods might say, I had my "A" game going. Heck, in the second game I managed to score 60 points off of one city! I literally lapped the other guys on the score track. Later we played the Bohnanza again. I started out strong, riding the high of whupping Bruce and Al in the previous game, but wound up tying Al, with Bruce eeking out a 2 point win over us. Well fought, close game. Next week Jim should be back from Pitzburk, so maybe we can get the El Grande thing going again.

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