Friday, November 05, 2004

Low Adventure

I've heard the terms High Adventure and Epic applied to a certain style of campaign, in which the PCs find themselves entangled in world shattering events. The idealizied campaign that everybody wishes they could run usually involves wee 1st level pudknockers leveling up into universe saving uberheroes over the course of years of hardy campaigning. High Adventure involves things like villains trying to take over the world, mighty armies clashing, prophesized Chosen Ones, and insane amounts of rilly kewl powerz. Despite its charms, High Adventure is not the only mode available for a rock 'em sock'em good time. Give me Low Adventure. Give me a handful of hooligans getting into shenanigans. Maybe they're regular blokes trying to do the right thing. Maybe they're cheap thugs trapped in a Quentin Tarentino or Guy Ritchie caper film. Or maybe they're the Doom Patrol up against a Justice League foe. Give me a fiasco and a chance to escape it by the skin of my teeth. It doesn't have to be a world beating master villain. An old man with a shotgun and a flashback to Da Nang ought to do the trick.

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