Monday, November 01, 2004

Four Game Week

Yesterday my sister and I managed to play three two-handed games of Carcassonne. She drubbed me all three times, the middle game I played so badly that we didn't even finish counting points at the end. She had that big a lead. In the first game I played too many farmers, while in the second game I played too many cities and didn't get enough farming done. The last game I just blew in every conceivable way. It didn't help that I drew 3 cloisters in a row with no meeples in my hand. I tell you, I'm about ready to buy her a copy of the game for Christmas just so she will stop beating me with my own stick. :)

Tonight is boardgames night with the grognard set. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to play El Grande with the Inquisitor expansion, or Puerto Rico in the alternative. I wouldn't mind another shot at Bohnanza as well. Still, I'm sure whatever we end up playing will be fine.

Tomorrow is election day. Here's a fun game to play: predict the outcome of the election, the electoral college breakdown, and, most importantly, when the shouting will be over. My guess is that Mr. Kerry will win with electoral college numbers in the high 280's or low 290's but that Mr. Bush will not concede until the 3rd. I don't think either candidate has any intention of conceding the election on Election Day no matter how clearcut it looks.

Wednesday night is to be my last run of Mob War, featuring the final showdown between the Tolino Mob and the O'Connor Boys. Lo, there shall be a reckoning.

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