Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's 4:30 AM...

do you know where your blog is? Can't get back to sleeop right now, so I decided to blog a bit and generally knacker around on teh intarweb. Anyways, today I got cracking on a first read through on my shiny new Modern Pocket Handbook from Mongoose. I'm finally starting to see what Pat likes about this system. I think the Wizards-approved artwork was getting in the way of any attempt by me to approach d20 Modern proper. As amusing as kobolds in berets might be in a modern setting, that sort of thing just set the wrong tone (unless the setting happens to be Planet Erf). I don't need dungeonpunk art updated to the modern era, nor any of the setting baggage that comes with being D&D's kid brother. Without the mindflayers in business suits I find it a lot easier to take this system on its own merits, rather than judging it as a spin-off of 3E.

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