Friday, January 22, 2021

That explains quite a bit, actually.

Here's the last section of the rules clarifications used in the D&D tournament for Gen Con IX:

Edit to add: The more I think about it, the more "the gods are back from their eons-long vacation" would make for a heckuva campaign concept. Kinda like Shadowrun's "the magic comes back and changes everything" vibe. The gods would probably be just as annoyed at the state of the world as Specules the Wizard was when he got back home from his cruise only to find Korgoth of Barbaria and other filthy adventurers looting his tower.


  1. Given divine timescales, I imagine the main issue would be trying to find out where all the dinosaurs got off to. You know some dino-god is going to mighty angry about this "evolution" crap, and some poor member of the pantheon is will wind up being blamed for leaving the meteor-defense wards down when they left for vacation.

  2. I am actually playing a campaign right now where the gods have returned (they were just gone for a blink of an eye 1000 years) and encountering all sorts of weirdness in the pursuit of the true gods agenda.

  3. I'm running part II of the Gen Con IX dungeons at Gary Con this year - two sessions, queued for scheduling...

  4. Isn't that Dragonlance?

    1. I don't know. I'm not into much of the new D&D stuff. (rim shot)

  5. I wonder if divine intervention was a more common thing in games back then? Also I feel like this is appropriate (warning there is a muppet):