Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Wife is Cool

Amy received a nice bonus from her employer this year and spent half of it on me. We had agreed that our new digital camera was to be our Xmas gift to each other, but she had other plans. She went out and bought me about the greatest toy ever. As a kid I wanted one but it was too pricey for my folks. As an adult I have wanted one but it was too pricey for me. Here it is:

I know it's just a toy, but I got weepy when I discovered it in the trunk of our care. She bought me the coolest starship in the galaxy because she knew I wanted one but was too damn cheap to buy it for myself. She's made of 100% Awesome.


  1. The only bad thing i can say is i still have to get you
    a gift ;)

    Congratulations, Man.

  2. I believe that the best kind of gift is one that you really want, but wouldn't buy for yourself...

    Merry Christmas Captain Solo!

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    That's excellent! My inner 8-year-old is very jealous.

    My outer 32-year-old is having a few pangs, too. :D