Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Game Ideas for '06

My only campaign that looks likely to make it out of '05 alive is my 3.5 Gestalt game. The d20 Modern game was an interesting experiment, but I consider it over. My Marvel-based supers game could still resurface. I hate to change systems yet again, but Mutants & Masterminds isn't working as well as I hoped for. Should I just convert everyone over to the original Marvel game and be done with it? I dunno. Anyway, here are my current ideas for next year:

Western - Using either Boot Hill or Savage Worlds

Space Opera - Probably Star Frontiers setting with Savage Worlds rules

Basic/Expert D&D?

Kung Fu Action Movie - Feng Shui? Extreme Vengeance? Ninjas & Superspies? Even more Savage Worlds? I'm leaning towards Feng Shui and hoping I could get the Pancake Hut gang together for this one.

Dawn Patrol - maybe I'll just read the rules, push it around a bit, and take it to my Monday night get-together

Zombie game - AFMBE? Zombi? Savage Worlds yet again?

Starmada campaign - There's still the Four Years War to be fought for one. I'd like to get some minis fleets together still, but which figure lines? Trek? Star Frontiers? A couple of random fleets from the various sci-fi lines?

Traveller one-shot - Specifically not a tramp merchant game. Maybe something involving nobles and/or espionage. I think this would be a good one for Sue and the boys.

Prisoner one-shot? - I'd like coeli and her hubby to be in on this, not sure who else. And what system?!?

RPG-wise I'm going to continue pushing towards one-shots and mini-campaigns as my normal modus operandi. D&D is the only game for which I can really sustain a campaign.

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  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    That Prisoner one-shot sounds like a blast!