Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Year of Blogging

Today is the 365th day since I began blogging. It's been an interesting year. I'm doing way more gaming than I did back when I started a year ago. I started dicking around on the internet as sort of a substitute for a lack of actual play. Now this week I'll be gaming 3 times and I just declined an invitation to a fourth! My sister is organizing a game get-together for Saturday. Turns out she's found a guy in Bloomington who's also into Carcassonne and other German games. He's got her playing the German classic Settlers of Catan and she's taught him Bohnanza in exchange. I knew she'd like Settlers once she tried it. A lot of credit for me getting back into gaming in a big way has to go to two guys: Dave Hoover and my brother-in-law Jim. Their invites into ongoing games got me back into the scene and meeting new people. Big kudos to them. Being asked to play gave me a big shot of confidence I had been lacking.