Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mutants & masterminds & bears, oh my!

Last night Don, Sue, John, and Paul came over for my Home Team campaign. This campaign follows the exploits of four little-known low-power heroes who try to hold Marvel New York together while all the big boys (the Avengers, FF, X-men, & Spidey) are off fighting the Beyonder's Secret Wars. Last night the PCs inserted themselves in the middle of a Maggia street war. They apprehended the two-bit villain team known as the Enforcers and forged a tentative alliance with the Punisher. That last bit came as a complete shock to me. I had tried to set things up so that it look like the Punisher had murdered Radarman's brother. Turns out he hadn't, but had lead as to who did it. Next issue we'll be dealing with a different menace, but I plan on tying up this plot thread in the following run. So far I'm digging the Mutants & Masterminds rules. They're a big step up from first edition Heroes Unlimited, if you can believe that. :) We're all still getting used to the new rules (especially Damage Saves) and my builds were kinda wonky. But I'm confident enough that MnM is going to work out that I'm looking at getting the GM's screen and maybe a PDF or two from RPGnow.