Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Home Team PCs

My notes for the new Mutants & Masterminds versions of the home team PCs can be found here. Now I need to fill in actual character sheets. Does any company webpublish their charsheets as fillable PDFs, so I can just type in the info? If not, why not? It seems like a completely obvious use of the technology.

In addition to a basic build for each PC, I made a quick and dirty list of possible future power point purchases for each PC. These lists are based upon my own guesses as to what directions the PCs can grow. For the Dingo, I'm basically assuming an early Superman style character, leaping tall buildings in a single bound rather than flying over them. Cyborg has several different directions he could go, but more speedster or more energy projection look like the winners to me. Radarman strikes me as basically a Spiderman power suite, combining Str, Dex, and super-senses. A Jill Montgomery, Agent of SHIELD, is your basic super-spy hot ninja chick, but that has at least 3 or 4 good build options available: kung-fu, gunbunny, gadget girl, and scary Charisma-based bad girl.