Friday, February 18, 2005

Another Game?

Dave sent Pat and I emails earlier in the week. Looks like he and Loren and Charles are putting together some sort of game for the alternate Wednesdays when the Pancake Hut Gang is not in session. I'm interested in more roleplaying, but I don't want to be gone both Monday and Wednesday night of every week. So if I'm going to play this new game (with as yet undecided system, setting, or GM) that means cutting back or cutting out on the Monday night group. This situation puts me in a bit of a conundrum, because it puts two of my gaming maxims at odds with each other, the first being that gaming is a social endeavor first and foremost. I'm having a cool time hanging out with the grognards on Monday nights. They're fun guys. My wife thinks that joining a different game only risks srewing up a good thing at the hopes of a better thing. But on the other hand even though I like to dabble in all sorts of games, I'm a roleplayer at heart. As Spock might say roleplaying is my first, best destiny and anything else is a waste of material. So naturally, I want to dice up and play Wednesday night, if I can do so without killjoying my Monday night thing. The easy solution I guess would be to roleplay every Wednesday and go to Bruce's place every other Monday. My one concern is that sometimes we have just three players at Bruce's on Monday. Without me that goes down to two, which drastically cuts into the number of German-type games one can play. On the other hand, Bruce and Jim are both hex-and-chit men, so there's lotsa other stuff out there for them to do.

I guess two variables come into play that would help me decide what to do. First off, what does Pat want to do? (Though that could quickly degenerate into a game of "I will if you will".) And secondly, what kind of game? I'm usually not too much in the "I won't play system X" camp but I'm looking for something to help me make up my mind here. Other than Feng Shui most of my interest lately have been in d20 material: Castles & Crusades, BESM d20, Mutants & Masterminds, or playing (not running) D&D. Odd, isn't it? There's also Savage Worlds but apparently Charles doesn't dig on that, so it's out. We also don't have a GM yet. Either Dave or I could run, but we're already committed. If I ran it'd have to be braindead dungeoncandy using C&C or an earlier incarnation of D&D or else something extremely short-term, like one to three sessions. It would be cool if Pat or Loren took a shift wearing the viking hat. Both of them are chock full o' clever ideas that I think could be well articulated from behind the screen. Maybe the solution is that we could take turns running some stuff. I dunno. I obviously like the idea of more RPGing on Wednesdays, I think maybe we just need to have a plan of some sort before I really committ myself. I hope that doesn't make me a game-tease.