Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kung Fu on You

Last night's Feng Shui game was a lot of fun. Sneezy Tang, the cheesy mobster, and his henchmen Smiley made a reappearance. I really wanted my guy Master Fo to get a second go at Smiley, since our first throwdown ended prematurely. Unfortunately, I had a ship load of kung fu sailors occupying my time, so the drunken bastard got to beat on him a bit. I would have been unhappy if Sean's PC had taken Smiley down. Dave has inserted a street urchin named Freddy into our midst. I find this to be very useful. If one of the PCs bites the dust that player could take over playing Freddie, using the scrappy kid template. I'm not sure if that's what Dave had in mind, but it seems like a good way to get a replacement PC into the mix ASAP.