Tuesday, July 31, 2012

quickie wandering monster tables for DCC RPG

Two things I like about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG are its good supply of neat monsters and its radical devotion to random die charts.  Two things I don't like are its lack of wandering monster charts and the absence of an index.  Well, maybe there are some wandering monster charts somewhere in the book, but without an index, how the heck am I going to find them?  So I made some.  These creeps are sorted mainly by hit dice and most of the die ranges are my guesswork.

Level 1 (d14)
  1. 2d4 Acolytes
  2. d6 Bandits
  3. d6 Deep Ones or Subhumans
  4. Demon, Type I
  5. 2d4 Dimensional Sailors
  6. d6 Giant Ants (workers) or Giant Rats
  7. d12 Goblins or Kobolds
  8. d6 Hobgoblins or Gnolls
  9. d6 Lizardmen or Troglodytes
  10. d6 Orcs
  11. d20 Peasants
  12. Primeval Slime, 1 hd
  13. Serpent Man with d6 Subhuman servants
  14. d12 Skeletons
Level 2 (d20)
  1. d6 Bat Swarms (mundane)
  2. Bandit Hero with 2d6 Bandits
  3. d8 Berserkers
  4. d4 Cave Octopi
  5. d4 Colossal Leeches
  6. Demon, Type I
  7. Gargoyle
  8. Ghost
  9. d4 Ghouls
  10. d4 Giant Beetles
  11. d4 Hell Hounds
  12. d4 Hollow Men
  13. d6 Killer Bees
  14. Knight with 2d6 Men-At-Arms
  15. d4 Living Statues (crystal)
  16. d4 Man-Bats
  17. Primeval Slime, 2 hd
  18. d4 Serpent Men with 2d6 Subhumans
  19. d6 Shroommen
  20. d4 Vombis Leeches with d6 Vombis Zombies
Level 3 (d16)
  1. d4 Androids
  2. d6 Cave Crickets
  3. Cockatrice
  4. Demon, Type I
  5. Friar with 2d6 Acolytes
  6. d6 Giant Ants (soldier)
  7. d6 Giant Centipedes
  8. d4 Giant Cobras
  9. d4 Living Statues (stone)
  10. Lizard, Giant
  11. Magician with d6 Peasants
  12. d4 Owlbears
  13. Primeval Slime, 3 hd
  14. d4 Underdark Slugs
  15. Witch with d6 Servitors
  16. d12 Zombies
Level 4 (d10)
  1. d4 Bat Swarms, vampiric
  2. d6 Bugbears
  3. Demon, Type I or II
  4. d6 Insect Swarms
  5. d4 Living Statues (Iron)
  6. d4 Ogres
  7. Primeval Slime, 4 hd
  8. d6 Rat Swarms
  9. d4 Giant Vipers
  10. d4 Time Travellers
Level 5 (d16)
  1. Ape-Man (Giant or Four-Armed)
  2. Basilisk
  3. Brain Elder
  4. Chimera
  5. Cyclops or Giant
  6. Demon, Type I - VI
  7. Elemental
  8. d4 Giant Scorpions or Giant Boa Constrictors
  9. d4 Harpies
  10. Hydra
  11. Manticore
  12. Minotaur
  13. d4 Mummies
  14. Primeval Slime, 5 hd
  15. d4 Shadows
  16. d4 Trolls

I put Peasants on the first level chart under the assumption that the party could run into an NPC funnel group.

Given how often they come up, the GM should probably pre-generate some Type I Demons and Primeval Slimes.

Level 4 is kind of boring, isn't it?  It's like the calm before the storm of getting completely clobbered on Level 5.


  1. Now could we please have a wandering monster table for outdoors cross-indexed by terrain, time of day and population density. And can you finish it by tonight? I might want to run a game. Thanks.

    (just kidding... "wandering monsters" was always my favorite thing about D&D back in the day).

    1. Wandering monster table? Sounds awesome!