Wednesday, August 01, 2012

so I may have to run 4e

Or at least a 4e powered game.  My daughter caught me reading the 4e-based fan-made Adventure Time RPG.  It seems pretty groovy, despite being more fiddly than I like.  She used this character creator to whip up a PC.  You get to choose your level up to 5, so of course she maxxed out her character.  

Crystal Wizard Emily

Level: 5
Exp: _____
Species: Crystal
Class: Wizard
Size: Medium
Vision: Darkvision
Health: 31
Healing Surges: 7
Healing Surge Value: 7
Initiative: +5 (+0 Dex, +5 level)
Speed: 6 squares
Armor: Cloth
  Dagger, Simple; One-Handed, proficient: +3, 1d4, Blade, Can be thrown, range 5
  Quarterstaff, Simple; Two-Handed, proficient: +2, 1d8, Blunt
  Hand Crossbow, Simple; One-Handed, 1d6, ranged 10
Ability Scores
Base Attack Modifiers
Base AttackModifier
Defense Scores
AC17 (+5 level, +2 Int)
Fortitude17 (+5 level, +2 Str)
Reflex17 (+5 level, +2 Int)
Will18 (+5 level, +3 Wis)

Skill Scores
Acrobatics+5 (+0 Dex)
Athletics+7 (+2 Str)
Bluff+6 (+1 Cha)
Diplomacy+11 (+5 skill training, +1 Cha)
Dungeoneering+8 (+3 Wis)
Endurance+10 (+1 Con, +4 crystal)
Heal+8 (+3 Wis)
History+7 (+2 Int)
Insight+8 (+3 Wis)
Intimidate+6 (+1 Cha)
Magic+12 (+2 Int, +5 wizard)
Nature+13 (+5 skill training, +3 Wis)
Perception+8 (+3 Wis)
Stealth+5 (+0 Dex)
Streetwise+6 (+1 Cha)
Technology+12 (+5 skill training, +2 Int)
Thievery+5 (+0 Dex)

Basic Melee Attacks:
  Dagger; Attack: +10 (+2 Str, +3 proficient) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+2 (+2 Str)
  Quarterstaff; Attack: +9 (+2 Str, +2 proficient) vs. AC; Hit: 1d8+2 (+2 Str)
  Unarmed; Attack: +7 (+2 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+2 (+2 Str)
  Improvised One-Handed; Attack: +7 (+2 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+2 (+2 Str)
  Improvised Two-Handed; Attack: +7 (+2 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d8+2 (+2 Str)
Basic Ranged Attacks:
  Hand Crossbow; Attack: +5 (+0 Dex) vs. AC; Hit: 1d6+0 (+0 Dex)
  Dagger (thrown); Attack: +8 (+0 Dex, +3 proficient) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+0 (+0 Dex)
Other Actions:
  Bull Rush; Attack: +2 (+2 Str) vs. Fortitude
  Grab; Attack: +2 (+2 Str) vs. Reflex; sustain minor
  Move Grabbed; Attack: +2 (+2 Str) vs. Fortitude; move action, halfspeed
Class Features:
  Cantripomancy: As a wizard, you can perform a myriad of minor spells to amuse your friends and aid your allies.
  Sources of Power: All wizards choose the source of their powers early on in their magical training. Many pick elemental sources like raging fire or billowing wind. Other more eccentric wizards choose almost anything from sweaters to toast to cutlery. Your source of power provides a great deal of flavor to your character and can be used as a simple way to customize a wizard. Any power that contains they keyword Source indicates your chosen source of power. Once chosen, you may not switch power sources. E-veeeeer.  [Elizabeth chose Sparkly Crystal Powers.]
Class and Species Powers:
crystal power
Note: Modifiers in parenthesis have already been included in your totals and are present only for reference.


  1. neophage10:50 AM

    By the gods, that character sheet is immense!

  2. In this instance, and only in this instance, I am specifically down with 4e.

  3. I had no idea an Adventure Time RPG existed! Checking this out. 4E seems well-suited for crazier everyone-gets-powers-every-fight situations.

  4. it kinda changes everything

  5. While I fairly despise 4E, after having given it various chances to appease me (whatever I mean by that) an uber overpowered, everyone gets crazy schnitzel system is about what it would take for an Adventure Time RPG. It also doesn't surprise me that it is powered by 4E as that is what the creator of AT currently plays.

  6. On the other hand, this proves that Jeff needs an Exorcism.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    4e can be fun, you just have to approach it for what it is, and want to play that kind of game. It's not perfect, but as a battle game it is interesting. Of course these days we play OD&D, so take that for what it's worth.

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    What a mess.

  9. I've written complete rule sets that were shorter than this character sheet!

  10. "You get to choose your level up to 5, so of course she maxxed out her character."

    Ah, to be grade-school-age power gamer again!

  11. This is why I've kept the existence of the AT rules a secret from my daughters, lest I be strapped like Conan upon the Tree of Woe, forced to DM endless games in the laknd of Ooo to the expense of all other amusements.

  12. This is totally rad!

  13. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I give it a month of playing before Jeff gets so fed up of 4e that he throws the dice towel on that one in.

  14. This may be my son's gateway to DM-ery. He's played plenty of D&D (and Mutants & Masterminds and Famma World and DCC) but never run his own game. He wants to run AT and he read through the whole rule book last night, even telling me some things he wants to modify. Reading guides plus making house rules is the beginning.

  15. Hey Jeff,you have a great blog there..Check out mine as well its you should find it entertaining :) .Flease follow it if you like it :)

  16. "summon a glob of concentrated magic that explodes all over your enemies"

    I think you can get arrested for exploding globs all over someone here in the South.