Monday, July 18, 2011

trying minis again

Every time I go to my friendly local game store for game night I do a quick scan of the used games section before I sit down to set up the evening's scenario.  This week I spotted a copy of the Age of Mythology boardgame for only 25 bucks.  Upon inspection I discovered it was opened but unpunched.  I have no interest in playing the game per se, but it comes with a metric crapload of vaguely 1:72 figures, including a bunch of monsters.  And all of them are pristine on the sprue.  I already own a couple of boxes of medieval knightly types, so I think I'm going to get serious about trying some dungeoncrawlery in miniature.  I'm not much of a figure painter, but I've long wanted to try the dipping method.

Someone on the OSR blogosphere uses Jenga blocks for dungeon walls, but I can't remember who at the moment.  That strikes me as a good middle ground between flat terrain drawn on the map and the fullblown Dwarven Forge/Hirst Models route.