Tuesday, November 09, 2010

OD&D spell list

Here's an alphabetical list of all the spells available in OD&D volume I Men & Magic.  I've been thinking about using a hacked OD&D for my A Surfeit of Lampreys campaign concept, so I wanted to tackle the magic system.  ACL = Anti-CLeric, by the way.

Animate Dead - MU5
Anti-Magic Shell - MU6
Bless - CL2
Cause Disease - ACL3
Cause Light Wounds - ACL1
Cause Serious Wounds - ACL4
Charm Monster - MU4
Charm Person - MU1
Clairaudience - MU3
Clairvoyance - MU3
Cloudkill - MU5
Commune - CL5
Confusion - MU4
Conjure Elemental - MU5
Contact Higher Plane - MU5
Continual Dark - ACL3
Continual Light - CL3
Continual Light - MU2
Control Weather - MU6
Create Food - CL5
Create Water - CL4
Cure Disease - CL3
Cure Light Wounds - CL1
Cure Serious Wounds - CL4
Curse - ACL2
Dark - ACL1
Death Spell - MU6
Detect Evil - CL1
Detect Evil - MU2
Detect Good - ACL1
Detect Invisible - MU2
Detect Magic - CL1
Detect Magic - MU1
Dimension Door - MU4
Disintegrate - MU6
Dispell Evil - CL5
Dispell Good - ACL5
Dispell Magic - MU3
Feeblemind - MU5
Find Traps - CL2
Fire Ball - MU3
Fly - MU3
Geas - MU6
Growth/Animal - MU5
Growth/Plant - MU4
Hallucinatory Terrain - MU4
Haste Spell - MU3
Hold Monster - MU5
Hold Person - CL2
Hold Person - MU3
Hold Portal - MU1
Infravision - MU3
Insect Plague - CL5
Invisibility - MU2
Invisibility, 10' r. - MU3
Invisible Stalker - MU6
Knock - MU2
Levitate - MU2
Light - CL1
Light - MU1
Lightning Bolt - MU3
Locate Object - CL3
Locate Object - MU2
Lower Water - MU6
Magic Jar - MU5
Massmorph - MU4
Move Earth - MU6
Neutralize Poison - CL4
Part Water - MU6
Pass-Wall - MU5
Phantasmal Forces - MU2
Polymorph Others - MU4
Polymorph Self - MU4
Projected Image - MU6
Protection/Evil - CL1
Protection/Evil - MU1
Protection/Evil, 10' r. - MU3
Protection/Evil, 10'r. - CL4
Protection/Good - ACL1
Protection/Good, 10'r. - ACL4
Protection/Normal Missiles - MU3
Purify Food & Water - CL1
Putrefy Food & Water - ACL1
Quest - CL5
Raise Dead - CL5
Read Languages - MU1
Read Magic - MU1
Reincarnation - MU6
Remove Curse - CL3
Remove Curse - MU4
Sleep - MU1
Slow Spell - MU3
Speak with Animals - CL2
Speak with plants - CL4
Stone-Flesh - MU6
Telekenesis - MU5
Teleport - MU5
Transmute Rock-Mud - MU5
Turn sticks to snakes - CL4
Wall of Fire - MU4
Wall of Ice - MU4
Wall of Iron - MU5
Wall of Stone - MU5
Water Breathing - MU3
Wizard Eye - MU4
Wizard Lock - MU2

That's 107 spells in total, which seems to me like enough for most trouble-making PCs.

Conjure Elemental is an interesting case to me, as one spell conjures any one of all four elements (though no more than one each per day).  This contrasts with the "Wall of" spells, which require a spell for each element.  And now that I'm thinking along these lines I suddenly realize that Fire/Ice/Iron/Stone might make a sufficiently crazy alternative to Fire/Water/Air/Earth.

Stone-Flesh and Transmute Rock-Mud are also intriguing, as they are not reversible in the way that Light or the various Cure spells are, but the spell descriptions note that if you have the spell memorized you can say the incantation in reverse to undo a previously cast spell of the same type.  So Stone-Flesh can't be used to turn a rock into a rather unsettling meal, but maybe it can be used to help your buddy who looked the medusa in the eye.

I'm adding at least one spell to this list, a Turn Undead spell.  I'm ditching clerics but want to keep the ability.


  1. so is the class list going to be: Fighting-Man, Magic User? That's pretty spartan, even for 0D&D standards!

  2. I haven't completely ruled out the other B/X standards: thief, dwarf, elf, halfling. But yeah, I may end up with just two classes.

  3. Jeff,
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