Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. T's Day

Ah, the Mr. T cartoon.  One of the least explicable shows on Saturday mornings circa my childhood.  Mr. T is the coach/bus driver for a band of cleancut multiracial mystery-solving teen gymnasts.  Bobby the Barbarian from the D&D cartoon dresses just like the star and tries to act butch.  Instead of a unicorn there's a dog with a mohawk.  And here's a big shocker: the asian chick is really smart.


  1. lol i really have to check this out now.

  2. For this we gave up ShatnerDay

    curse you Jeff !!!

    ; - )

  3. I had forgotten this.

    It was GOOD having forgotten this.

  4. The character design for T clearly suggests that this is BA, not T himself, but the absence of the rest of the Team would lead one to believe that Decker finally caught up with them, and BA is the only one who got away.

    Now he survives in the Los Angeles school system as a bus driver for hire. If you need a ride to school, and your mom is too busy, then maybe you can call... Mr T!

  5. OMG! That takes me back! (I was never a fan of Mini-T)

    I pity the fool that brakes child endangerment laws!

  6. What's weirder: the Mr. T show (whose theme I can clealrly recall these decades later) or the fact that I never thought about how weird this was when I was a kid watching it? Ah, Sunshine Saturday, how I miss thee.

    @Kelvin - nice.

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Matthew- totally there with you. Saturday morning TV had some seriously memorable musical themes at the time. Mr. T's theme song was a big one, as were the themes from the Incredible Hulk and Spider man & His Amazing Friends cartoon. Among others.