Monday, December 29, 2008

Check this dude out!

Now that's a keen looking fighting man! He's part of Bronze Age Miniatures line of Dead Earth (read 'Barsoom') figures. The folks at Bronze Age also have some great Tolkienesque fantasy figures. Their dwarves look like they just stepped out of a Hildebrandt painting. And their Big Bad Wolf figure makes for a great lycanthrope, though to get it you also have buy a tarted-up Little Red Riding Hood.


  1. JEff,

    very nice
    the dead earth queens remind me of yoga instructor girlfriend (no shit)
    to be a purist; helmets were uncommon upon barsoom
    (maybe naval characters?)

    if you are really a burroughs fan,
    check out

    the game could be tweaked,
    but the background is on target

  2. Jeff, you may already be aware of this blog by Tony Harwood. He uses several Bronze Age Miniatures in his customized Flash Gordon set.

  3. I really like their miniatures, and I always keep up to date with their new releases.

    I remember well of the Dead Earth game. I noticed some strong elements of Gamma World in the game, and at the Bronze Age (yahoo groups) forum, I found out that GW had an influence on the game's development. I'm a huge fan of Barsoom and GW, and I often mix the two (along with Conan-styled sword & sorcery and 80s cartoons) into something that is pure awesome! \,,/_