Tuesday, July 31, 2007

this ad is awesome

I swiped some stills of an animated ad that ran on Penny Arcade last weekend.

1) We pan across a majestic, sweeping vista of snow-laden mountains and fragrant evergreens.

[insert Python lumberjack reference here]

2) The obligatory Hawtsome Fantasy Female appears, with attendant cleavage and come-hither glance.

Come on, people.  An arrow-shaped pendant pointing down to her boobs?  That's just guilding the lily.

3. OMG! Bear attack!

I'm telling you, every single game ever made can be improved by adding bear attacks.

Apart from some additional text, that's the whole ad. The bear attack is never explained. The bear just pops up behind the chick. And then the ad cycles back to the beginning. She's trapped in a loop, forever menaced by Inexplicable Bear.