Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So close I can taste it

To avoid boring everyone to tears, this will be my last post here about Worldwide Adventure Writing Month until my module is ready for presentation. I finished the body of Asteroid 1618 last night. I still need to scan some things finish the table of contents, put together the out-of-character afterword/credits and maybe write a crazy index. And I might re-work the cover.

I am truly astounded by the number of totally awesome illos provided by the supercool people on the Encounter Critical mailing list. S. John Ross, Christian Conkle (a.k.a. Evil Schemer), and Stephen Henderson-Grady (who I don't even really know, but is obviously awesome) all provided some great stuff. And just this morning I got 6 new pieces of art from Doc Rotwang! and his wife!

Early this morning I started laying out my various files as a single document and it turns out I wrote a lot more than the 32 pages I was shooting for. The Vanishing Pyramid, the dungeon that serves as the centerpiece of the module (though not necessarily in the physical center of the text) doesn't even begin until page 43. Wow. This puppy might turn out closer to 64 pages rather than 32.

In my last post on this topic jinnetics asked "What are you using to make your PDFs?" When I got my latest home computer I bought a program from Adobe. It's not the fullsized Acrobat, but it will take most standard filetypes and convert them to a basic, no-frills PDF. I can't remember the name of the thing right now, but it was only like 20 bucks or so. I've used it for a couple of one or two page documents with pretty good results.


  1. They OK, Jeff? I tried to draw like a horny 17-year-old, and since thst' setting anyway...

  2. OK? They're fantastic!

  3. Just checked out the file; it's awesome, dude. Yeah, you don't know me but I've actually run an EC game so that puts me as a major fan of the game or at least severely brain damaged. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to take part in the fun.

    Stephen Henderson-Grady